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[Yonsei-AA Symposium] The Ambivalence of Design

A collaboration between the AA School of Architecture UK and Yonsei University
In this lecture, Jeong Hwan Joe will talk about the complex reality that in the transition of modern capitalism from industrial capitalism to cognitive capitalism, the networked metropolis beyond the walled factory has emerged as an expanded geographic space for production, and the productive subjectivity is being reconstructed from a unified industrial worker to a multitudinal Homo Artis, and this change defines the direction and form of practice for a new life.


JOE JEONG HWAN is a literary critic, political philosopher and representative of Galmuri Publisher. He is also the author of the Birth of Homo Artist, Conceptual Arms.


The AA-Yonsei Lecture Series The Ambivalence of Design is organised by James Kwang-Ho Chung & Brendon Carlin (Unit Masters, AA Diploma 19), Jooeun Sung (Professor, Yonsei University) and Jae-Won Yi (Adjunct Professor, Yonsei University).


This event is funded by the British Council grant (British Council UK-Korea Virtual Academic Collaboration grant).


Lecture1. Homo Artis and Metropolis_Jeong Hwan Joe