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This course brings together two key subjects, International Marketing and Cross Industry Innovation. It will provide the basic foundations of international marketing and then explain how companies can grow by going abroad or sourcing ideas/expanding into other countries or industries. This is summarized as CCCI: Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Innovation, a term and analytical platform used throughout not only this course but others in the specialization. As an introductory course, we keep the concepts short and simple in order to ease learners into the wonderful world of international marketing. More specific operational aspects such as managing the product, price, place and promotion as well as targeting and positioning will be provided in the second course of the specialization.

After you successfully complete this course learners will obtain the following outcomes: (1) an understanding of the core meaning of marketing and international marketing. (2) learn that international marketing is about striking the right balance between maximizing the similarities across cultures (Etic approach) and customizing marketing (Emic approach) to important local differences. (3) learn about how to source or expand into other industries at home or abroad via cross industry innovation. (4) obtain a solid foundation for subsequent courses such as course 2 (International Marketing Entry and Execution) and the industry-specific courses in the specialization.

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