'Everyday Korean' for foreign graduate students of science and engineering Free English ‎(en)‎

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  • Learning period01-04-2023 ~ 02-29-2024

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Class Introduction

The ‘Everyday Korean for Foreign Graduate Students in Science and Engineering’ course is designed to help foreign students studying in Yonsei learn Korean expressions necessary for daily life and university life. This course was produced as a part of the Korean language communication competency enhancement program for foreign graduate students with support from the Graduate School Innovation Project of the Institute for Humanities Convergence Education.

  This course aims to learn practical and useful expressions, and according to the results of the demand survey of actual science and engineering graduate students, it is focused on learning expressions for each situation in which the learning demand is high. Therefore, key expressions for each situation encountered in studying abroad in Korea are simply and clearly introduced.





콘텐츠 분량


On-line classroom

1-1. Greeting/Intuducing

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-2. Asking for excuse when turning    

     mic/cam off

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-3. When technical error occurs

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-4. When presenting

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-5. Bad internet connection

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-6. Asking Questions & Giving opinions 1

3 min

1강On-line classroom1-7. Asking Questions & Giving opinions 2

3 min


Speaking with a professor

2-1. Discussion on Thesis

3 min

2강Speaking with a professor2-2. Asking for an add-on to a full class

2 min

2강Speaking with a professor2-3. Idea meeting

3 min

Course Introduction
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