'Everyday Korean' for foreign graduate students of science and engineering 2 Free English ‎(en)‎

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  • Enrollment Period01-04-2023 ~ 02-29-2024

  • Learning period01-04-2023 ~ 02-29-2024

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Class Introduction

The ‘Everyday Korean for Foreign Graduate Students in Science and Engineering 2’ course is designed to help foreign students studying in Yonsei learn Korean expressions necessary for daily life and university life. This course was produced as part of the Korean language communication competency enhancement program for foreign graduate students with support from the Graduate School Innovation Project of the Institute for Humanities Convergence Education.

This course aims to learn practical and useful expressions, and according to the results of the demand survey of actual science and engineering graduate students, it focused on learning expressions for each situation in which the learning demand is high. Therefore, key expressions for each situation encountered in studying abroad in Korea are simply and clearly introduced.






콘텐츠 분량


팀 프로젝트

1-1. 업무 분담하기

팀, 조별, 과제, 업무, 분담

3 분

1-2. 작업 결과 회의

팀, 조별, 과제, 회의

3 분

1-3. 분쟁

팀, 조별, 과제, 분쟁,

3 분


동호회 활동

2-1. 친구 사귀기

동호회, 한국인, 친구

3 분

2-2. 뒷풀이

동호회, 뒷풀이, 문화

3 분

2-3. 동호회 MT 기획

동호회, 행사

3 분


한국인 친구와 말하기

3-1. 반말

한국인 친구, 반말

3 분

3-2. 신조어

한국인 친구, 신조어

3 분

3-3. 야식 배달 시키기

한국인 친구, 술자리

3 분


생활 편의 시설 이용

4-1. 우체국

시설, 우체국, 학생회관

3 분

4-2. 은행

시설, 은행, 학생회관

3 분

4-3. 도서관

캠퍼스, 시설, 도서관, 책, 반납, 대출

3 분


Course Introduction
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    Liberal Arts Course
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    Language Learning