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[2022 YISS APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program] AI & Design
This is a lecture introduction for students of the APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program summer program only.   This course deals with a series of recent issues in artificial intelligence (AI) focusing on the field of design, more specifically deep learning and architectural space design, for beginners. Students will review the related technologies with cases, and the conceptual and intellectual issues on top of AI in the perspective of design. Not only focusing on the AI techs, but also surveying the qualitative/quantitative aspects of design with theoretical issues outside of the conventional state of knowledge are the objectives of this course, empowered by actual individual project developments. Theory lectures, case studies, survey on the references, and students’ participation in class are the materials for the course. In the technological standpoint, recent decade has marked a huge change in how we perceive and talk about general AI. Buzz words “Big Data” and “Machine Intelligence” also changes (or will change) the fundamental role of designers form conventional approaches, and we will take a look where to go via this course. The deep learning (DL) techniques, for example, have shown how end-to-end differentiable functions can be learned to solve complex design tasks involving high-level perception abilities. In association with this shift and effect to our domain-specific knowledge, design, we would keep eyes opening so that we can take max advantages from it.